Conducting the relevant responsibilities as a  Member of the University Grants Commission Bangladesh (on Deputation) for four Years term since 16 June 2019. Presently he is in-charge of

  • Administration Division
  • Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance Division
  1. Supervising 5 Post-graduate students at Master’s Level
  2. Supervising One Ph.D. Student.
  3. Conducting relevant activities as a Chair of WasteSafe 2021 International Conference on Integrated Solid Waste and Faecal Sludge Management: Blue Appropriate Social Oriented Solutions“ to be held on next 27-28 February in KUET (
  4. Closely Working with Eawag and SNV to receive funding from BMGF for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (eFSTP) of Jhenaidah: Scoping Study and Way Forward.


Ongoing Ph.D. Thesis Research Topics

Climate Change Resilience and Vulnerability of South-West Coastal Bangladesh.

Ongoing M.Sc. Engineering Thesis Topics

  • Performance Study of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant Established in an Emergency Human Settlement – Rohingya Camps in Ukhia under Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh.
  • Challenges to Manage Faecal Sludge in an Emergency Human Settlement: Rohingya Camp in Ukhia under Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh.
  • Study on the Potential Reuse of Faecal Sludge through Co-composting and Vermicomposting Process.
  1. Senate, Syndicate and Selection Board (Teaching Post) Member in Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh
  2. Syndicate Member and Advisor for the ongoing Development Works at the Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh.
  3. Member of Selection Board (Teaching Post), Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh.
  4. Member of Selection Board (Teaching Post) and Member of Technical Evaluation Committee for the Selection of Consultant to provide consultancy for the infrastructural development at Pabna Science & Technology University, Pabna, Bangladesh.
  5. Member of Selection Board (Teaching Post), Patuakhali University of Science & Technology (PUST), Patuakhali, Bangladesh.
  6. Part-time member of the Bangladesh Accreditation Council.
Scientific Collaboration with Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

Scientific Collaboration started with the Department of Waste Management since 2005, while I visited as part of our ongoing project of Asia-Link for curriculum development of Geoenvironmental Engineering. After that we worked very actively and closely in a EU project of waste management for 3 years (2007-2009) and also a student from Bauhaus University stayed in KUET for 1 month to conduct research. Since then, the two institutes have been working together for different scientific issues, specially very strong partnership as a co-organizer of WasteSafe International Conference ( Recently, Bauhaus University Weimar organize a 4 days long (22-25 Feb. 2019) Art Exhibition at KUET to celebrate 100 Anniversary of its establishment.  I am invited for the period of 10-16 July 2019 for scientific activities including an international seminar “Climate Talk – A Global Waste Affair – Challenges, needs, answer” arrange for Bauhaus 100 years celebration.

Scientific Collaboration with the University of Padova, Italy

Collaboration between the two Institutes starts in 2007 while I visited the SARDINIA 2007 – International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, held at Cagliari, Italy. After that we had a very solid collaboration starting in 2009 with WasteSafe International Conference, in which Padova University is a Co-organizer, it occurred in KUET in every odd year.  At present (2018 to 2019) we have collaborating in a Erasmus+ Programme, for which one of our post-graduate student was in Padova University for 6 months (Sept 2018-Feb 2019). From Padova University, one Ph.D. student also was in our university for 3 months (Jan-March 2019). She has been conducting some research here for the treatment of leachate with local pants and mangrove plants. The planned research consisted in the definition, design and set up of the experimental equipment to study the leachate phytotreatment performance of mangrove (locally known as Sundari) and Canna Indica (locally known as Kalabati).  Total ten (10) reactors have been designed and prepared according to a vertical flow phytotreatment. Our UG and PG students are continuing this research now. Moreover, I was in Padova University in last October and deliver Lecture for UG and PG students. Professor from Padova University (Prof. Raffaello Cossu) also visited KUET and delivered Lecture to UG and also gave a talk to the young researchers. I will visit Padova University  from 03-27 July, 2019.

Scientific Collaboration with IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education, Delft, the Netherlands

Scientific Collaboration started with IHE-Deft Institute for Water Education, the Netherlands, with the invitation and my participation at a 4 days long Design & Creation workshop on Non-sewered Education held in 31 Jan. to 3 Feb. 2017 at UNESCO-IHE, Delft. In that workshop the framework for a new one-year M.Sc. in Sanitation was formulated including the course content and the duration. After the workshop, in respond of the call we submitted a proposal for the transfer of M.Sc. Course in KUET as a partner university. In the meantime, IHE-Delft invited one of Faculty from the Institute of Disaster Management (IDM) under Global Sanitation Graduate School (GSGS) project to conduct a six months (April-Nov. 2019) duration course named Training of Trainers (ToT) Program as a preparation for capacity building of the person who take the initial responsibilities to start the M.Sc. in Sanitation program in the partners’ university. Later, again, I was invited and participated in a 3 days long Proposal Preparation Workshop on MSc in Sanitation at IHE-Delft during the period of 19-21 Nov. 2018.

In the 1st new MSc program of IHE Delft, KUET’s agreed to support the program by providing mentor supervision while they stay in KUET campus for three months to conduct their M.Sc. in Sanitation Course related research/project works. An agreement is also signed in this context. As a part of this agreement I was engaged as the Mentor Supervisor for two students who already completed the research works on last January-March 2019. The Research Topics are:

  1. Engaging and Promoting Private Entrepreneurs in Emptying and Transport of Faecal Sludge: A case of Khulna city, Bangladesh.
  1. Determinants of Timely and Safe on-site Sanitation Systems Desludging in Khulna, Bangladesh.

IHE-Delft and KUET also jointly agreed to collaborate and support a research identification attempt of Faecal Sludge Treatment Approach as followed by British Red Cross (BRC) and other organization at the Rohingya camps, Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. One of such visit from the IHE-Delft was held on 10-23 March 2019.

KUET has been selected for the transfer of IHE-Delft based sanitation program for the period of 2019 to 2023 to offer M.Sc./GPDP/OLC/OCC in Sanitation through it’s Institute of Disaster Management (IDM) from July 2019 in the framework of the project “Transfer of the new MSc Program in Sanitation to South Asia and Sub-Sharan Africa – Global Sanitation Graduate School (GSGS)”. I worked previously on the above issues.